4 AWESOME Songs that you HAVE TO HEAR

1. Keter Melukha - Ishay Ribo

During Corona, Ishay Ribo has spent the last few weeks with his family and his home studio. There, among the walls of his house, he wrote the Keter Melukha, an exciting, self-indulgent and hopeful song about the present era. The song was written a week ago and quickly produced and recorded in just four days.

2. Keli - Aryeh Kunstler ft. Yosef Karduner

A beautiful song, with blended Hebrew and English, it draws on lyrics from Jewish Psalms with the authors unique soft-rock flair. Another song that draws on themes of seeking out redemption in times of difficulty. Listen up, it's beautiful!

3. You Fall Down You Get Back Up - Joey Newcomb

From the Artist: "This song, originally written by the great Reb Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev, is heartwarming and definitely strikes a chord in anyone who hears it. I play this song at most of my events--if not all of them. At one such event my dear friend, Mike Mauss, introduced me to these words; “you fall down you get back up...”. And it stuck with me. I started singing these words to this tune at many events, after which people would come over to me and express the inspiration they felt. They would ask “is there an official recording of this?” I then realized the importance of the mission I was on. This is not my composition I just felt that people needed to have this to listen to. So here it is. Not fully produced not an 'official single'. Just as beautifully raw as can be. I’m sure we all need to hear this message at some times, so enjoy."

4. Ribono - Simcha Leiner

"Enjoy this music video to the soul stirring song "Ribono". A song that is already resonating with thousands of fans worldwide. Enduring freezing temperature - Simcha and his crew set out to find some of the most beautiful locations in the area to bring out the beauty of this emotionally powerful song."

BONUS: Longing for Human Beings by Hanan Ben Ari

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